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NAMI Homefront is a free, 6-session educational program for families, caregivers and friends of veterans struggling with PTSD and/or mental health conditions.

Based on the nationally recognized NAMI Family-to-Family program, NAMI Homefront is designed to address the unique needs of family, caregivers and friends of those who have served or are currently serving our country. The program is taught by trained family members of service members/veterans living with mental health conditions.

What You’ll Gain:

Recovery is a journey and there is hope for all people affected by mental health challenges. This in-person group experience provides the opportunity for mutual support and shared positive impact. You will experience compassion and reinforcement from people who relate to your experiences. Through your participation, you have the opportunity to help others grow.

NAMI Homefront teaches you how to:

  • Manage crises, solve problems and communicate effectively

  • Learn to care for yourself, including managing your stress

  • Develop the confidence and stamina to support your family member with compassion

  • Identify and access federal, state and local services

  • Stay informed on the latest research and information on mental health, including posttraumatic stress disorder and substance abuse

  • Understand current treatments, including evidence-based therapies, medications and side effects

  • Navigate the challenges and impact of mental health conditions on the entire family


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